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SUNDAY STROLL - Ferraris Everywhere + Burgos Circle (June 29, 2014)

Posted by Justin Young on July 1, 2014 at 9:40 AM
Last Sunday, Philippine Ferrari distributor, Autostrada Motore Inc., organized their first car club meetup at Hatch 22 in the Power Plant Mall. Despite its name, owners of other exotic brands were invited as well. To give you the gist of the event, it is one of my best days of this year, and possibly, my lifetime!

Also, if anyone's interested, I'm providing a link to its Flickr page if in case someone would like to use it as, let's say, a wallpaper. This next one is for the photo above. (high res)

Power Plant Mall, 7:25 am
I arrived at Rockwell bright and early--well, I missed my 6:45 alarm--looking forward to what car will turn up at the meetup and meeting the man behind the prancing horse in the country, Marc Soong. I wasn't alone on this journey as I was tagging along with my schoolmates, Matthew and Chevy (yes, that's his real name).

Since it was pretty early, only a few cars showed up. Four of those (from left to right): Ferrari 575M, tuned 458 Italia, 308 and F355. (high res)

Group shot! (high res)

I must say, that is a tastefully tuned 458. (high res)

Then, this Dino popped up! (high res)

At this point, my mind was thinking that more Ferraris would come. However...

This Tesla Model S crashed the party! (high res)

1 of 2 Model S in the Philippines (high res)

Burgos Circle, 8:25 am

It was getting boring in Rockwell as only a few cars showed up, so we decided to move onto our regular car spotting location, Burgos Circle. So, the three of us went there hoping for more cars to drool over. Unfortunately, it was lesser than we were expecting. So little that parking spaces were a breeze! Only a handful of cars caught our attention.

That exhaust's diameter was so big I could brofist it! (high res)

I've never seen Lotus 7 kits with front fenders. It kinda fits though! (high res)

There were a lot of compliments exchanged between me and this 911 Turbo driver! (high res)

I dig the wheels, but not the stripe. (high res)

Shame that it's an automatic. (high res)

Now, this...this Celica is pure JDM pr0n! Shoutout to Sushi Machine for bring their ride, Natsuki! (high res)

Power Plant Mall, 9:30 am

Okay, now it was getting boring in Burgos. We were asking the same question: Why the heck is Burgos virtually empty? At first, we though to head home and post photos, but then we decided to head back to Rockwell to see if that is where everyone is at. Little did we know, we were right.

I am not kidding you when I say this is Manila. (high res)

The space inside was so small that the others parked outside! (high res)

Okay, this 911 GT3 driver is awesome! The three of us were ogling at his car, and he asked us if we are car guys. We said yes. What he did next was the best part. (high res)

He gave us the key to his GT3! He told us we can take pictures of the inside and even get in the damn thing! (Photo by Matthew)

While Matthew and Chevy held up the key, I held onto the manual (!) shifter!

JDMs were invited too. (high res)

We finally have it! (high res)

Do you dig the stripe? (high res)

We see the prancing horse in its natural habitat. (high res)


I honestly wasn't expecting this much cars! I thought it would be a few Ferraris parked with normal cars, but I was wrong...I was way way wrong.
I would like to give a shout to:
  • Matthew and Chevy for being able to make it to the meet!
  • The Porsche 911 GT3 driver for giving the three of us the best profile pics!
  • Marc Soong of Autostrada Motore for organizing the event in the first place and allowing us to have a group shot with you!
  • and, of course, the owners of all of those cars for being part of history!

To those who want to see and hear the action unfolding, check out this sort-of uncut montage I filmed!

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(YouTube link)


And, that's a wrap for SUNDAY STROLL! Remember...

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See you next next Sunday because I have a recollection in school this weekend.

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